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~ Sarotis

In 2016, a range of commercially available mobile devices arrived in the market carrying integrated 3D Cameras capable of depth perception and object recognition. If 3D vision technologies turn out to be as successful as their 2D predecessors, we should expect 70% of the world’s population capable of scanning, storing and analysing their environments. Our project began with the question, how could this technology change the way we see and interact with the world around us?

Sarotis Project explores answers to this question beyond the era of mobile phones, towards more intimate wearable technology futures, where advanced vision systems and other sensory technologies are connected directly to body through softer interfaces.
To express the Sarotis vision of future soft wearable technologies, a speculative film provokes us to consider how fluidic hydrogel interfaces may dissolve the distinction between our own physiology and that of the softening machines that will extend our bodies.


Ava Aghakouchak, Maria Paneta
Ruairi Glynn (IALab Director), Vincent Hygh, Fiona Zisch

Harper’s Bazaar hosted a series of performances at the 150th Anniversary
Exhibition at MoCA Shanghai including a performance with Sarotis



 Production: Hexagon Collective UK
Creation: Tong Zhao
Choreography: Anna Hermann
Film: Mitsuru Isshiki
Neck piece: Sarotis
Dress: XU ZHI
Installation design & Fabrication: Interactive Studio Renxiang Li Link