~ Modular Bonestm


2020, Living Strategy, Wearable

Modular Bones™ is dealing with life in non-habitable places in two parts: A living strategy towards the post-anthropocene and the Kun, a prosthetic designed to preserve human intelligence.

Modular Bones™, Living Strategies is an intelligent self-developing system that emerges as a number of practices and symbiotic methods. AI and self-developing systems that support living, could potentially define an overlapping living system calling for self-sufficiency. This could expand in a broader sense as a mode of unified living between species (Haraway 2016).

                  Modular BonesTM: Living Strategies (2020) { CGI }

Design: Maria Paneta
Scientific curation: Yiannis Papantoniou
Sound design: NatCase

Kun is composed of the wearer,
the wearable and the information that is exchanged between other Kun devices and wearers resulting in a super-organism
(Wilson, 2012).

Kun { 3d-printed prosthetic }

Kun is a prosthetic part made from bone, tissue and sensors. It attaches to the body- to-be-augmented and serves as a functional body part. Kun encompasses sensors and foreign polymer material structures and can execute haptic and biomechanical tasks. Kun adjusts its functionality according to the user’s locomotory needs and modifies its properties.

In the post-anthropocene Kun allows the exploration of ‘yet to be experienced’ environments transmitting signals to itself, the wearer but also to the cloud (AI). Kun is semi-autonomous and can self-regulate its function, however interaction with its wearer is crucial (relies on nutritional supplementation from its wearer). This sets the boundaries a and limits the autonomy of its functionality.