~How to live in invisible spaces

  2022, Workshop


  Sat 21 - Sun 22 May

  Participation fee 50 €

  Book mariapaneta[at]gmail[dot]com


Discover how technologies are shaping the way we discover space.
Join us in this workshop to feel an invisible space, learn the basics of augmented reality and design a wearable device. The created artwork will be exhibited in a special location, to be revealed soon.

#interactiondesign #augmentedreality #AR #workshop #invisiblespaces #narratives

︎ mariapaneta[at]gmail[dot]com

︎ two day schedule follows below

Day 1

  • Learn about AR & wearable devices, feel an invisible space

  • Learn about wearable technologies and relative milestones in fashion, art & design

  • Learn the basics of augmented reality

  • See an invisible space through augmented reality platform

  • Start designing your narrative through brainstorming and ideation

Day 2

  • Design your own narrative, build and document your wearable

  • Participate in a round table discussion

  • Experiment and make: you will realise your ideas using custom-made wearables and narratives

  • Test your prototype and explore ways in which your project can be developed further

  • Document your project for future reference